ways of writing good grades in higher institutions.

My name is Kolawole Victor, an undergraduate student of Kogi state university, Anyigba. I want to use this intermediary to alert all prospective undergraduates students of Kogi state university and other institutions across Nigeria on the ways of writing quality and good grades. However, I see this as being impactful on newly admitted students if this ways given below are properly and adequately traced and followed. Thus, some students have poor results perhaps, because of their ignorance or negligence of their responsibilty to know the secrets of excellence. Hence, I hope after reading this educative post, it should endow you with identifying your qualities and potentials of not being pretty crummy, but rather opening the door to your excellence.

 Thus these ways include:
Step 1: Humility
               This is a characteristic of being humble. To learn well in school remove your pride off your shoulders regardless of what position you are occupying. Some students may know some topics well which you may not have adequate knowledge on, meet them and identify what problems you are facing in the course. In this process you get acquaintted with them and friendship begin.
Step 2:  Identify yourself with friends to form a study a group
               like an example developed in step 1 you can form a study group where you and some friends can discuss what topic seem difficult and profer solutions among yourselves on how to understand it better.
Step 3: Identify yourself with lecturers
               As a student don’t be too phobia of your lecturers, but rather find a means of creating a genuine relationship with your lecturers either by meeting him/her personally to enlighten you more on the topic the lecturer thought you in class.
Step 4: Create a personal studying time table
              As a student create a personal time table for studying for better performance because some lecturers are fond of improptu test (unprepared test ). So in order to beat this test of time you read like am always prepared. Alas, I was born ready.
Step 5: All work no play makes jack a dull boy
              As students you should also separate the time for playing around with friends or either play games, go for swimming or any other recreational activities. It’s very important but it should’nt overshadow your study time. Study smart and hard and play less.
  My fellow brothers and sisters, prospective undergraduates above are given the various steps to successful achievement of good grades in institutions. If you have any other ways of getting good grades please put it in the comments.

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